Blog (February 2018) - Visit Cheshire

  • A visit to Handbridge, Chester

    A visit to Handbridge, Chester

    Although Handbridge mostly a residential area, there are number of attractions, bars, pubs and restaurants you can make a stop off at during your visit to the area.

  • The Garden Quarter

    The Garden Quarter

    The beautiful and picturesque Garden Quarter is situated in Saltney, just outside Chester. This covers the area of Chester including Parkgate Road, Cheyney Road, Stadium Road and Sealand Road. 

  • Independent shops in Chester

    Independent shops in Chester

    With a range of businesses on offer, you could spend the majority of your trip to Chester using and exploring Chester’s many independent businesses. 

  • Independent Restaurants of Chester

    Independent Restaurants of Chester

    Chester has a range of Independent restaurants, whether you are looking for contemporary British cooking, authentic Italian cuisine or seasonal French gastronomy, there is something to suit every taste and budget!

  • Chester's Best Coffee Shops

    Chester's Best Coffee Shops

    Interwoven amongst the historic City Walls and The Rows is a rich variety of coffee shops from the usual suspects of the big name chains to the smaller independently owned fares.

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