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Chester is one of the most unique University cities around and has a thriving student community. Luckily, the Visitor Information Centre team’s resident student Rachel has some insider tips on how to enjoy student life in Chester to the fullest! So here’s Rachel’s guide to student life in Chester:

"Chester is home to a great university that offers courses in a vast array of subjects to around 15,000 students. Chester has both the excitement you may be craving from university life, along with the community feeling of a small city. That’s why it’s the perfect student city! So whether you’re a prospective student, a fresher or about to graduate, this post will help you make the most of your time as a student!

There are so many things to do in Chester. The city is rich in culture and history and tourists travel nationally and internationally to marvel at the historic sights. It is so exciting to get to live and be a student in this amazing place and exploring doesn’t have to break the bank! There are some fantastic walks to do in Chester, be sure to check out Grosvenor Park, the canal path and of course the iconic walk around Chester’s ancient city walls. Be sure to explore the Groves, which is the beautiful riverside promenade where you could grab a drink, something to eat or even an ice cream on a sunny day. If you fancy something a bit more serious, it could be fun to go and look round the Grosvenor Museum or Chester’s famous cathedral to learn a bit more about the history of your university city. If you’d like to explore further afield, Cheshire Oaks is the UK’s biggest designer outlet and of course, you can’t be a student at the University of Chester without checking out Chester Zoo. If you don’t have a car, you can get a bus to both of these places.

The River Dee and The Grosves in Chester

There are many shops, restaurants and cafes throughout Chester. There is the perfect variety of your favourite brands, amongst many independent places like The Flower Cup, Jaunty Goat and many other places in the Chester market. It is fun to check out as many as you can, who knows you might find a hidden gem! Make sure you take advantage of the student discounts available at many places throughout the city! Stunii is a fantastic student discount app with offers tailored to Chester. Other apps like Unidays and Student Beans will also be helpful around Chester. Many attractions like ChesterBoat also have student discount!

Bridge Street in Chester. Credit Ioan Said

Naturally, many students want to know about Chester’s nightlife! You will be pleased to hear that Chester has a fantastic nightlife that is loved by students, which we’re all looking forward to be able to enjoy safely soon. After long days of lectures and assignments, it’s important to have fun and make some unforgettable memories. There are some great pubs and bars around the city, besides the SU bar, be sure to check out Off the Wall, The Bull and Stirrup and Havana. Many student’s nights will end up in Rosies or Cruise, which are Chester’s nightclubs. If drinking isn’t your thing, there are also loads of fantastic restaurants in and around the city to enjoy! Some favourites include Hickory’s Smokehouse and Slug and Lettuce (they do some great cocktails here too!).

Hickory's Smokehouse Chester

Overall, Chester is a wonderful place to be a student. There is a safe and welcoming atmosphere that will help you feel settled here. Hopefully this post will help you enjoy your student life in Chester to the fullest!"


Chester Visitor Information Centre
Tourist Information Centre
Chester Visitor Information Centre

Chester Visitor Information Centre is located in the heart of the city at The Town Hall.



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