Alderley Edge. Credit @drewbrownphotos

Visitors heading to Alderley Edge in Cheshire for a refreshing walk this Christmas season can enjoy a whole new perspective on the wooded sandstone escarpment with its balcony views of the Cheshire Plain thanks to a new app from the National Trust.

The 'Invisible Worlds' app, which launches tomorrow (21 December), brings to life the famous Legend of the Edge, with augmented reality wizards, knights and white horses appearing in the landscape as well as specially commissioned soundscapes. The app also allows people around the world to remotely explore this remarkable beauty spot.

Users of the app will be invited to share their responses to the Legend and the versions they know, information that will be used by the project's research team led by the University of Birmingham, to write a crowd-curated history of the Legend, tracing its contemporary life. 

Cheshire is blessed with superb walking country with some great places for festive rambles. As well as Alderley Edge (pictured), the vast Plain and surrounding counties can be viewed from the Sandstone Ridge, which runs from Malpas to Frodsham, passing through Delamere Forest, and is currently under review for possible status as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The Gritstone Trail, at the eastern edge of Cheshire, traces the border with Staffordshire and Derbyshire, offering fantastic views and routes into Cheshire's Peak District.

The Legend of Aldreley Edge

The Legend of Alderley Edge tells of a local farmer who took his milk-white mare to sell at the fair in Macclesfield. On his way he was stopped by an old man with a flowing beard who offered to buy the animal. The farmer refused, believing he would get a better price for his mare at the fair, but the old man cautioned that no one would buy it. The prediction came true and the downcast farmer returned home only to meet the old man once more, who still wanted to buy the horse. The farmer agreed and was led to a large rock which the old man hit with his staff and split open to reveal large iron gates leading to a cavern where 140 armoured knights lay sleeping. All but one was accompanied by a white steed, a space that the farmer's mare was to fill. The old man, a wizard, explained that one day this army would rise to save England in its hour of greatest need. Until then, the wizard's job was to safeguard the knights as they lay in an enchanted sleep. The farmer was rewarded by taking his fill of a treasure trove and when he left with his pockets full of jewels and gold the scene disappeared, leaving just a solid rock.


Alderley Edge
Cheshire Peak District
alderley edge

The picturesque village of Alderley Edge sits in the east of Cheshire and offers a fabulous range of shops, cafes, restaurants and bars. Famed for being home to the rich and famous it’s known as the Champagne capital of Britain.



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