Cheshire’s Ice Cream Drive In has enhanced its environment and offering in time for the Christmas holidays, providing visitors with “a low cost outing where they can set their own budget”.  

“We’re very aware of the additional Winter costs our visitors are currently facing,” said CEO and owner of The Ice Cream Drive In Jonathan Fell. “And we know what it’s like for parents leading up to Christmas, with the kids climbing the walls but money tight. So we’ve created a place to go for an affordable ‘get out of the house treat’; to see the lights, spot the farm animals (like Elvis the deer), toast a marshmallow and take a photo. Even the dog can join in!” 

Re-launched over the summer, the world’s first Ice Cream Drive In has been adorned with lights and now features a fire pit for toasting marshmallows. The new menu boasts hot savoury food, including pizzas, hot dogs and sausage rolls, so that walkers, cyclists and drivers can enjoy quick service food in the wintry setting. 

From 16th December the fire pit will be lit and hot food available, every day from 3pm-6pm, with the exception of Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve (when it will be 12pm-3pm).  

“This is a low cost experience where visitors can set their own budget,” added Mr Fell. “Whether that’s marshmallows for the kids and coffee for their parents, or pizzas and hot puddings with Cheshire Farm Ice Cream all round.  

“The Drive In is free to enter and designed to be visually exciting so it’s as inclusive as possible; for those who need to stay warm in their vehicle, or those who want to get out and have a wander. We hope the enhancements create an alternative space in the Cheshire countryside to enjoy refreshments on a wintry afternoon that won’t break the bank.” 

Sited next door to The Ice Cream Farm, visitors drive around the lake to an order point, scan a QR code to see the menu, order and pay. Their food and drink is delivered via golf buggy.  

“When we developed The Ice Cream Farm post-Covid it was really important to us that visitors could come simply for a scoop of award-winning Cheshire Farm Ice Cream,” said Mr Fell. “After all, that’s how our family farm started 35 years ago. 

“The Ice Cream Drive In means we can deliver on that in a one-of-a-kind space.” 


The Ice Cream Farm
The Ice Cream Farm, Cheshire

Set in the picturesque Cheshire countryside between Beeston and Peckforton Castles, The Ice Cream Farm is the tastiest trip you will ever take, enticing hundreds and thousands of visitors every year!



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