The winners of the annual Marketing Cheshire Tourism Awards were announced on 23 March at a glittering ceremony at Warrington’s Halliwell Jones Stadium. The winners in 17 categories were unveiled in front of tourism and hospitality sector guests.

The awards, attended by over 300 tourism representatives, celebrate excellence and outstanding achievement by businesses and individuals that contribute to Cheshire’s visitor economy.

As companies increasingly embraced a 'work-from-home' approach due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Tatton Park enticed back corporate customers for unique away days, with diverse options such as duck herding and horse grooming at the Farm, archery at the medieval Old Hall, and ranger safaris in the Parkland. The 18th Century Mansion also provided a range of spaces from intimate boardrooms with balcony views, to rustic barns and atmospheric conference halls.

Charlene Clarke, Tatton Park Events Manager, said: “Winning this award, particularly against some strong competition, certainly means a lot to us. Tatton Park’s events team have been adapting and opening new spaces to business clients. We can provide alternative meeting rooms, with immediate access to the outdoors, to tap into the growing importance of nature to people’s well-being, motivation and creativity. We can’t wait to represent Cheshire later this year in VisitEngland’s National Awards for Excellence 2023".




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