From creative writing to learning how to keep poultry there is plenty of opportunity at the start of 2024 to try something new, learn a skill or indulge a hobby in the beautiful setting of Tatton Park. Whether its welly walking with the family to mark National Walking Day or learning how to perfect the art of smartphone photography, the scenery of this historic estate provides endless inspiration.

Laura Cunningham, Education Manager said “We are thrilled to share our 2024 learning programme, which has been carefully curated to offer rich and varied opportunities for all ages and areas of interest. This workshop programme forms an important part of our wider learning offer for which we have been nationally recognised through the Sandford Award for Excellence in Heritage Education.”

New! Japanese painting and craft workshops

Tatton Park’s world-famous Japanese Garden provides the perfect backdrop to get creative in one of the Japanese painting techniques workshops with local artist, Ula Fung, or learn the Japanese art of creating a kokedama (moss globe) with local partner and plant specialists Green and Grounded.

Get hands-on with nature at a floral workshop

For flower lovers there is the opportunity to create a seasonal floral arrangement with local sustainable florist Sarah Hinchliffe from North and Flower. The workshops are suitable for beginners with all materials included, plus entry to the beautiful gardens at Tatton Park. In addition, on 10 March there is a special Mother’s Day wreath-making workshop, the perfect thing to do with mum on her special day!

Inspiring young minds with immersive experiences

To indulge little ones’ imaginations the new programme includes magical storytelling tours around the gardens bringing to life characters and events from fairy tales, or the chance for little ones to get hands on in the gardens and become a junior gardener for a morning. Or visit the Old Hall for one of the special historical workshops and become a Viking warrior or shield maiden and learn about their way of life with help from Harald Bloodaxe, with interactive activities. The next best thing to time travel!

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Tatton Park
Historic House / Palace
Daffodils in the Parkland at Tatton Park

Tatton Park’s ancient Parkland is just waiting to be explored.



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