Cuddington Rail Trail 4.5km Circular

Cuddington Railway Station, Warrington Road, Cuddington, Cheshire, CW8 2LE
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Start at Cuddington Railway Station on the Manchester platform side. what3words: ///fountain.cleans.embellish

1. Walk up the station approach, turn left, crossing the traffic lights onto Forest Road. Keep on the left hand side of the road and use the bridge to cross the railway line past the White Barn.

2. Walk on the pavement until you reach Nixon Road. Carefully cross the road to a marked footpath which can been seen on the opposite side of the road.

3. Go through a kissing gate onto a narrow fenced path which is likely to be muddy. Then, after around ½ mile, go over the metal stile, up a short steep climb to the railway line.

4. Cross the railway line carefully and walk down the steps with a stout metal rail and across another metal stile.

5. Shortly before you reach Waste Lane, turn right. There is attractive woodland on the right and a stream on the left.

6. At the end of Waste Lane, cross the busy Norley Road. There is a very short path (unmarked) immediately opposite, just to the left of the telegraph pole. Keep left after passing through this gap and soon turn right onto the established footpath through a kissing gate.

7. Soon you will reach on the left and below the path a large pond and high on the right a huge mansion.

8. At the end of the fence, turn right through a kissing gate and across a stream.

9. Proceed to the T-junction and turn left going downhill into what is Mill Lane.

10. After about 200 yards, now walking uphill, there is a green footpath sign on the right. Go through the gate, down the steps and into a field. The path takes you to the left.

11. At the bottom of the field, cross a stile and turn right up Cuddington Lane.

12. there is now no path or verge. You probably need to use both sides of the road at various points to be visible to traffic.

13. Turn right at the T-junction and, passing the sign for Bryn Smithy on the left, walk up to the A49. Cross with care and walk into Smithy lane opposite. 

14. You pass two metal gates across the road which ensure it is and access only road. Go through the footpath gate on the right of these metal gates.

15. Immediately opposite Bryn Bank Farm on the left of the road, turn right onto a marked footpath beside a field. Soon, where the boundary path goes left, go straight ahead crossing the field down at first, and then up to the estate ahead.

16. Go through a kissing gate at the end of the path. You are now in Moorlands Avenue. Follow the road left and take the first right into Glebe Road. Shortly turn left onto the A49. The station is about 100 yards away on the left.

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