Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The Forum Studio Theatre, Hamilton Place, Chester, Cheshire, CH1 2BH

Tel: 01244 341296

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at The Forum Studio Theatre

About Us

Tip Top returns with its annual traditional pantomime - this year it is the family favourite Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs.

Running time approximately 2 hours 15 minutes.

Snow White-Bethan Fflint 
Archie-Ashley Sollars 
Simple Simon-Rich Roberts 
Wicked Queen-Josephine McHugh 
Nurse Kitty Litter-Andrew Rawlinson Heath

Production Team:
Writer/Director- Peter Swingler OBE 
Choreographer- Rhian Lyon 
Musical Director- Ashley Sollars 
Stage Manager- Abbie Taylor 
Lighting Designer- Mark Shenton 
Sound designer-Daniel McAllister 
Wardrobe co-ordinator/ ASM- Beatrice Sutton 
ASM- Connor Booth

Guide Prices

Prices from £11
Special group rate of £10 each for parties of 10 +
Further discounts and complimentary teacher tickets available at our special schools performances during term time. Schools bookings not available online - please call 01244 341296 or email

Opening Times

Pantomime (29 Nov 2019 - 4 Jan 2020)

* Friday 29/11/2019 7.00pm
Saturday 30/11/2019 1.00pm
Saturday 30/11/2019 5.00pm
Sunday 01/12/2019 1.00pm
Sunday 01/12/2019 5.00pm
Monday 02/12/2019 Schools Performances
Tuesday 03/12/2019 Schools Performances
Wed 04/12/2019 Schools Performances
Wednesday 04/12/2019 7.00pm
Thursday 05/12/2019 No Performances
Friday 06/12/2019 Schools Performances
Friday 06/12/2019 7.00pm
Saturday 07/12/2019 1.00pm
Saturday 07/12/2019 5.00pm
Sunday 08/12/2019 1.00pm
Sunday 08/12/2019 5.00pm
Monday 09/12/2019 Schools Performances
Tuesday 10/12/2019 Schools Performances
Wed 11/12/2019 Schools Performances
Wednesday 11/12/2019 7.00pm
Thursday 12/12/2019 No Performances
Friday 13/12/2019 Schools Performances
Friday 13/12/2019 7.00pm
Saturday 14/12/2019 1.00pm
Saturday 14/12/2019 5.00pm
Sunday 15/12/2019 1.00pm
Sunday 15/12/2019 5.00pm
Monday 16/12/2019 Schools Performances
Tuesday 17/12/2019 Schools Performances
Wed 18/12/2019 Schools Performances
Wed 18/12/2019 7.00pm
Thursday 19/12/2019 No Performances
Friday 20/12/2019 Schools Performances
Friday 20/12/2019 7.00pm
Saturday 21/12/2019 1.00pm
Saturday 21/12/2019 5.00pm
Sunday 22/12/2019 1.00pm
Sunday 22/12/2019 5.00pm
Monday 23/12/2019 1.00pm
Monday 23/12/2019 5.00pm
Tuesday 24/12/2019 12 Noon
Tuesday 24/12/2019 4.00pm
Wed 25/12/2019 No Performances
Thursday 26/12/2019 1.00pm
Thursday 26/12/2019 5.00pm
Friday 27/12/2019 1.00pm
Friday 27/12/2019 7.00pm
Saturday 28/12/2019 1.00pm
Saturday 28/12/2019 5.00pm
Sunday 29/12/2019 1.00pm
Sunday 29/12/2019 5.00pm
Monday 30/12/2019 1.00pm
Monday 30/12/2019 5.00pm
Tuesday 31/12/2019 No Performances
Wed 01/01/2020 No Performances
Thursday 02/01/2020 1.00pm
Thursday 02/01/2020 5.00pm
Friday 03/01/2020 1.00pm
Friday 03/01/2020 7.00pm
Saturday 04/01/2020 1.00pm
Saturday 04/01/2020 5.00pm



Contact Us

Tel: 01244 341296

Tel: 01244 341296

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