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From contemporary hits such as The Stanger, to long-time classics like Hollyoaks, Cheshire East is the perfect destination for ‘film tourism’. We have bundled our highlights into this 1-day itinerary for you to enjoy, but, unlike on the TV, not from the comfort of your own home.

Over the years, Lyme, a gorgeous National Trust property tucked on the edge of the Peak District, has featured in The Village, The Awakening and, perhaps most famously, Pride and Prejudice as the location where Mr Darcy met Miss Bennet. Aside from its evident TV fame, the 1,400-acre estate is also recognised for its red deer, picturesque views and walk selection. Spend the morning exploring the beauty of this estate, before moving on to Quarry Bank Mill.

Quarry Bank Mill, rather fittingly, featured heavily in The Mill, as well as the classic soaps Hollyoaks and Coronation Street. Like Lyme however, this attraction boasts more than its TV success, offering stunning scenery, and paying tribute to the Mill’s integral part in the Industrial Revolution. As well as sampling the life of cotton mill workers, you can learn about the life of Samuel Greg, Quarry Bank’s founder, and his family.

After exploring the history of Quarry Bank Mill, it is time to indulge in Afternoon Tea at The Gardener’s Cottage at Tatton Park, a country estate boasting acres upon acres of award-winning gardens and exquisite landscaping. More importantly (for this itinerary anyway), Tatton Park has featured in Hollyoaks, The Worst Witch, and War of The Worlds.

Your final destination is the quaint town of Knutsford which forms part of the so-called ‘Golden Triangle’. You may recognise Knutsford from the recent hit The Stranger. We recommend giving your luck a ‘tri’ at the Knutsford Golf Course, followed by dinner at The Frozen Mop, a classic, country inn.

We hope this has inspired you to discover the sites of some of our nation’s favourite TV shows. Remember to share photos from your Cheshire East journey with us on social media using the tags #EscapeTheEveryday and #Cheshire! 

*Please adhere to official government guidance when planning for, and undertaking, our itineraries.




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