“New Year, New Me”. We know the saying all too well, but do any of us really manage to stick to our resolutions? Well, here at Visit Cheshire, we have collated a selection of healthy recipe ideas, with Cheshire produce, of course, to help make your healthy eating goals a little more achievable (and interesting)! What’s more, with suggestions to suit various dietary needs, we will surely have you covered!

Fruit and Vegetable Offerings

Many associate healthy eating with a high consumption of fruits and vegetables, hence the 5-A-Day mantra. Find below a range of Cheshire-inspired offerings designed to support you in increasing your consumption of such foods!

Cestrian Salad

When we think of healthy eating, salads typically come to mind. They are nutritious, quick to prepare, and… boring. Our Cestrian Salad is brimming with colour, flavour, and local produce, making it truly unique and exciting! Choose your favourite salad vegetables from Whitttinghams Fresh Food Service, pair them with a dressing from Cheshire Chutney (our favourite is the Chilli & Lemon Drizzle), and serve in an artisan coconut bowl, and your healthy, enjoyable Cestrian Salad is good to go!

Cestrian Salad

Cheshire Broccoli and Cheshire Cheese Soup with Artisan Bread

Typical soups, namely tomato, mushroom, and vegetable are great, but they are no match for our Broccoli and Cheshire Cheese variety! Begin by sautéing garlic cloves and an onion, all from Rose Farm, on the stove in a small amount of Delamere Dairy’s butter. When they turn a lovely golden colour and become fragrant, add flour and then milk to form a roux. From here, add vegetable stock and cream, as well as your finely chopped head of broccoli from The Hollies Farm Shop and simmer for approximately 20 minutes, or until the broccoli is cooked to preference. Season to taste with salt and pepper, and add a generous grated helping of The Cheshire Cheese Company’s Cream Traditional Wax Truckle. Serve immediately with an artisan roll (bap or barm) from Hill’s Bakery in Hale!

Broccoli and Cheshire Cheese Soup

Quirky Fruit Platter

“Not another salad”, we hear you say. As before, traditional fruit salads have nothing on our Quirky Fruit Platter. Prepared with the finest fruits from ExSqueeze Me in Handbridge (we recommend persimmon, fig, blackberries, and apple), marinaded in fresh Cheshire Apple juice from Dunham Massey, and served with fresh cream from The Hollies Farm Shop, our Quirky Fruit Platter is brimming with colour, nutrition and tasty, local produce – what’s not to like?   

Quirky Fruit Platter

The Cheshire Butcher’s Puddings

There is always time for pudding, even on a healthy diet (at least that’s what we tell ourselves). The gluten and refined sugar-free offerings at The Cheshire Butchers, namely sticky toffee pudding, orange and pistachio, and lemon and lime polenta cakes, are worth the indulgence and, being quaint in size, are the perfect bitesize sweets to satisfy your cravings!

Slab bakery puddings

Mediterranean Vegetable Ravioli

With fast-food offerings in abundance, sometimes the temptation for fried convenience food is just too much to bear. Only requiring a thorough heating, DaGio Pasta’s Mediterranean Vegetable Ravioli helps combat this temptation, offering you a tasty, nutritious, and vegan-friendly alternative almost instantaneously! Not feeling Mediterranean vegetables? DaGio Pasta also offers loaded lobster and chicken and portobello mushroom varieties. 

DaGio Ravioli

Protein-Based Offerings

Healthy diets are also synonymous with ‘good’ proteins. Find below a series of protein-rich ideas to help inspire your healthy eating journey in 2023 and beyond!  

Cestrian Omelette

The classic omelette: cheap, easy, and brimming with flavour. Why not revamp your traditional offering with one made with free-range eggs from The Cheshire Egg Co, allowing for a delicious meal which is also cruelty-free! Plus, adding fresh produce from The Hollies Farm Shop and The Cheshire Smokehouse, and pairing with herbs and spices from The Village Green Store in Alderley Edge can further enhance the taste and texture of your finished product! Looking for a dish that is a little more substantial? Why not pair your Cestrian Omelette with the Cestrian Salad above?


Grilled Meat on a Bed of Seasonal Vegetables

Lean cuts of meat, such as a chicken fillet or a Nice & Spicy Minute Steak, both from The Cheshire Butcher, allow for flavourful, quick meals which are perfect when grilled and paired with blanched seasonal vegetables such as January’s broccoli and savoy cabbage! Whenever you choose to dine on your grilled meat, Lowe’s Farm Shop in Middlewich, with its stunning selection of vegetables presented in traditional wicker baskets, is certain to please! Why not accompany your Cheshire delight with one of Mrs Darlington’s country-style chutneys and dips? They are also sold at Lowe’s Farm Shop for convenience.


Grilling Cheese and Bell Pepper Flatbreads with a Spicy Sauce

Protein, vegetables, and carbohydrates, all combined in a spicy, flavourful sauce? Sounds like the perfect combination of taste and texture, even better when made with Cheshire ingredients! Use the peppers from your veg box from Riverside Organic, head to The Cheshire Butcher for your spicy sauce selection, and get your halloumi cheese from Whittinghams. Simply dice your fresh ingredients and fry on the stove and, when the pepper has turned soft and the halloumi is slightly browned, coat in the spicy sauce whilst still on the heat. Meanwhile, put your flatbread or pitta of choice in the toaster. Spoon the spicy mixture into the flatbreads to serve and enjoy!

Sauce Shop

Smoked Nuts

We are all guilty of snacking… Admit it. However, with smoked cashews with black pepper, or smoked almonds and cashews from the Cheshire Smokehouse, snack time can be full of taste, and free of guilt! So, what’s not to like?! Check out the range here.

Smoked Nuts


Food is great, but it is not the full ‘healthy-eating picture’ by any means. Find below a range of tasty beverages packed full of goodness and nutrients!

The Cheshire Smoothie

ExSqueezeMe, located in Handbridge, Chester, offers provides a stunning variety of vibrant, fresh fruits which are ideal for blending with one of Delamere Dairy’s velvety yoghurts to enjoy as a delicious smoothie. Following a plant-based diet? No worries, just substitute the yoghurt for one of the Cheshire Farm Ice Cream’s vegan delights!


Green Tea

With its antioxidant richness and countless claims for health benefits, green tea has acquired a reputation for being one of the healthiest beverages around! If you are wanting to taste it for yourself, we recommend heading to the Cheshire Tea website, where they have mouth-watering Cherry and Japanese Sencha flavours amongst others!

Green Tea

There you have it: Some different ideas for kickstarting your 2023 healthy lifestyle! Have we inspired you to try any of these dishes? Let us know by tagging us in your photos on social media and by using the hashtag #YourCheshire!  

*Please note: This post is not designed to substitute professional advice. It is simply designed to inspire you in your healthy eating journey, using produce from local Cheshire suppliers. Please consult a dietician if you have any concerns about your diet or wellbeing.  




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