Last year BeWILDerwood Cheshire introduced a brand-new Christmas event, BeWILDerwood Presents Christmas – A Sparkly Light & Panto Trail. The event was a huge success with visitors and has gone on to win Silver for Best New Event at the UK Theme Park & Attractions Awards.

The event was up against some stiff competition, with some of the biggest attractions in the UK in the same category.

BeWILDerwood Presents Christmas allows visitors to enter the park after dark and venture along a Sparkly Light Trail, spotting all your favourite characters along the way. As well as silly snowmen, Christmas crackers, a giant Christmas pudding, plus lots, lots more! Theres also a mini BeWILDermas Pantomime full of festive cheer and fun for the whole family to enjoy.

It’s safe to say the BeWILDerwood team are very happy that their unique Christmas event has been recognised and awarded, with Author and Creator of the BeWILDerwood Parks and Books, Tom Blofeld commenting,

When we created BeWILDerwood Presents Christmas, we knew we had created something special. It was different to other Christmas events – not only does the event have all the usual Christmas cheer, but it also has the magic of BeWILDerwood too. The feedback we got last year was fantastic, so this award really confirms how magical the event is and we’re absolutely thrilled!

He continued,

We’re so excited to bring the event back again for the second year and we’re working on a few new surprises too. This wonderful event is also coming to our Norfolk Park this year! We put tickets on sale a lot earlier this year and we’ve been amazed by the demand already. So, we really do recommend booking early as we’re pretty sure the event will sell out as we get a little closer. It seems people really are so excited for Christmas at BeWILDerwood.

The event is on selected dates from the 2nd – 23rd December and has arrival timeslots from 4pm – 6pm. Tickets to this award-winning Christmas event are available to purchase on the BeWILDerwood website – but as expected, tickets are already limited. At only £15.50 per person be sure to get yours early to avoid disappointment. Get yours here:


Adventure Park / Playground

BeWILDerwood Cheshire is a huge outdoor adventure park for ALL the family to enjoy together. Make memories, use your imagination, be active and run WILD in the enchanted 70-acre woodland.



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