Whether you’re driving home for Christmas, hanging up your stockings on the wall, or enjoying a sleigh ride together with your loved ones Treasure Hunt Chester is a great way to spend a festive afternoon. And if you’re stuck for what to get your dad/neighbour/mother-in-law, Treasure Hunt Chester could be the perfect gift.

Even if you know your City Walls from your The Rows Captain Bess’s map will guide you to some treasures hidden right under your nose!

How does it work?

We’ve got games in 11 cities, so wherever your loved ones may be, they won’t be far from one of our adventures!

You can choose to send a digital voucher, or have one delivered straight from Santa himself (via Treasure Hunt HQ! 😂).

To be sure to get a postal gift voucher in time for Christmas day, order by 11am on Monday 18th December. 

You can order digital vouchers right up until Christmas day (or after!), so they’re ideal for emergency, last minute “😲 we forgot to buy something for [insert surprise Christmas guest’s name]!” sort of gifts.

With their gift voucher in hand, your sister’s boyfriend/office secret santa/teenage son, can click onto our website and choose a date and time that works for them (all the instructions are on the voucher).

They’ll be testing out their essential pirate skills - following treasure maps, solving cryptic clues, and looking carefully around the city to find the answers. They’ll all be led around the city by a bossy pirate character who sends messages to their phones.

Something For The Whole Family With Treasure Hunt Chester

Whether it’s with your family, or your mates, sleuthing your way around Chester is an ideal way to get out the house this winter. If you’ve got the kids with you, Treasure Hunt Chester is great for curious over 8s with plenty of adult help.


eastgate clock, chester

Its bewitching beauty and unique atmosphere make the city one of Britain's most popular places for an unforgettable short break.



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