1. Tatton Park Gardens – Nothing says autumn like misty mornings and airy afternoons taking in the magnificence of Tatton Park and its fifty acres of stunning gardens. Famous for being home to herds of Red and Fallow deer, autumn is the best time of year to see the adorable fawns playing in the parkland and sprinting alongside their parents. Highlights include the “finest example of a Japanese Garden in Europe” where the deep reds and burnt oranges of the Japanese Maples have decorated the scenery at Tatton for just over a century.

2. Arley Hall & Gardens – It may be autumn but the spectacular Herbaceous Border at Arley is as vibrant as always with Dahlias, Asters and Sedums. In October, the Pleached Lime Avenue is trimmed by expert gardeners to maintain its fresh, controlled growth providing the perfect opportunity to see the lime trees at their finest. The gardens close at the end of October so get your fill now! Alternatively, experience the ‘Grove and Woodland Walk’ into November and December to escape the bustle of the city… you may even come across a few willow sculptures.

3. Ness Botanic Gardens – With the changing of the season, autumn at Ness brings fabulous shows of colour from the varied collections of Sorbus (Rowans and Whitebeams), Persian Ironwood, Sugar Maple, Cigar Plant and beautiful Birch trees. Take a peaceful walk in the Water Garden where the only sounds you will hear are the calming flow of the water and the crunching of rustling leaves beneath your feet. To warm up, retreat to the Garden Kitchen for a hearty, seasonal soup made with fresh produce from the on-site vegetable patch (complete with Pumpkins in October!).

4. Cholmondeley Castle Gardens – One of the most interesting attractions to see at Cholmondeley Castle Gardens is The Duckery, named so because it used to be the site of ornamental ducks. It is now occupied with a gothic stone feature, Himalayan Birch trees, Ferns, Geranium and Primula – a picture perfect autumn scene.

5. Norton Priory Museum & Gardens – Founded in 1134, Norton Priory is a fascinating 12th century monastery nestled in two and a half acres of beautiful walled gardens. The gardens are home to the National Collection of the ancient and rare Quince fruit in addition to a medieval herb garden, trained fruit garden, pear/apple orchard and vegetable patch. This autumn, explore the story behind the ruins with a walk around the museum or, attend one of the many events taking advantage of the change in season.

6. Quarry Bank – A National Trust, industrial heritage site in Cheshire’s Peak District, Quarry Bank is a restored cotton mill set in a unique and picturesque, 18th century garden. Take in the breath-taking views as you move between tiers of garden. At the lower level, walk beside the meandering river which is fringed with vibrant Rhododendrons and majestic, well-groomed trees. One thing is for sure, Quarry Bank is truly magical, especially in the autumn when the crisp air lingers in the backdrop of burnt orange, bronze and mustard.


Tatton Park Gardens
Tatton Park Gardens

50 acres of award winning gardens representing over 200 years of garden design and history.

Arley Hall & Gardens
Historic House / Palace
Stunning Exterior of Arley Hall & Gardens

Arley Hall & Gardens is one of the most interesting and attractive stately homes in the North West.

Ness Botanic Gardens
Summer at Ness Botanic Gardens

Ness is located on the Wirral, with fantastic views across the River Dee to North Wales. They were originally created by Arthur Kilpin Bulley. He was passionate about plants, especially new plants being introduced to European gardens from China, Tibet and Nepal.

Cholmondeley Castle Gardens
Beautiful romantic gothic style castle at Cholmondeley Castle Gardens

Dominated by the beautiful romantic gothic style castle these extensive ornamental gardens are one of the best kept secrets in the North of England.

Norton Priory Museum & Gardens
Fun for all ages at Norton Priory Museum & Gardens

A fascinating combination of historical, archaeological and natural beauty. Medieval monastic ruins, a large Georgian walled garden, woodland walks, pear orchard, and the National Collection of Tree Quince; Cydonia Oblonga.

Quarry Bank (NT)
Water Mill
The opposing Mill at Quarry Bank (NT)

Quarry Bank is one of Britain's greatest industrial heritage sites, showing how a complete industrial community lived. Here you can discover the story of mill workers, mill owners and how the Industrial Revolution changed our world forever.



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