Knutsford is launching it’s first ‘Tenner Trail’ this Easter with twenty Knutsford high street favourites offering a range of deals for just £10.

The trail involves each shop offering a deal for a ‘tenner’ from 3rd April to 15th April. These purse-friendly deals are ideal for Easter treats, exploring new shops or a meal after a day out during the Easter holidays.

Sandra Curties, Town Centre Manager, said, “Both the deals on offer and the establishments involved showcase the variety of products and services on offer in the town centre. Consumers will be spoilt for choice this Easter.”

The establishments involved are:

  • Knutsford Olde Sweet Shoppe
  • Roberta Beauty Redefined
  • The Tea Room
  • Kanoa Living
  • Hot Cocoa
  • Morgan Edwards
  • Evuna
  • Clarity Contemporary Jewellery
  • Tatton Perk
  • Lost and Found
  • Clare and Illingworth
  • Courthouse Cheshire
  • Detaljer
  • Willow Boutiques
  • The Beauty Club
  • Giovanni’s
  • Cranford Café and Sandwich Bar
  • Arthur Lee
  • The Angel
  • Outside the Box Therapies

The offers range from soups and smoothies to handmade silver earrings, fudge, pizza and a 15-minute back massage.

Helen Dufton from Arthur Lee said, “We are delighted to be taking part in the tenner trail. We’ve discounted our best-selling parma grey diffuser set to £10. We are looking forward to welcoming customers to our shop to see the variety of beautiful products on offer”.

Shoppers should look out for posters around the town and in participating shops and follow Knutsford Town Council’s social media accounts to find out more.




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    Visitors are encouraged to enjoy a day out during the Easter holidays and perhaps treat themselves to a meal.
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