A new handy sized town centre map of Knutsford has been launched just in time for spring!

The fold out map includes a brief overview of Knutsford including its markets, the Knutsford voucher, cafes and restaurants, Taste Knutsford, and lists key town events. It opens to unveil a hand drawn A3 map of the town centre with adverts from a selection of Knutsford’s shops, hotels, restaurants, and bars. It is distributed to key locations in the town centre including the railway station and Knutsford Heritage Centre and used as a promotion tool throughout the year at events. The map will also be distributed to tourist information offices across the county. The production of the map has been fully funded by local businesses through the advertising.

Sandra Curties, Town Centre Manager said, “We are delighted to publish a new edition of the town centre map. It is a key marketing tool for the town for residents and visitors alike. A huge thanks to those business who support the production of the map, many of whom are repeat advertisers”.




  1. retortboastful
    The map that folds out provides a synopsis of Knutsford that describes its several markets, the Knutsford voucher, cafes and restaurants, Taste Knutsford, and a list of important events that take place in the town.
  2. monsolmon
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