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At Hidden UK Gems, we are firm believers that every district, county, city, town & village in the UK has its own beauty and uniqueness, and that there are gems everywhere! Cheshire East is certainly no different. It is somewhere we have long admired and visited throughout the years. It has the perfect blend between rolling countryside & green spaces, buzzing towns and charming villages. Combine that with its fantastic transport links to some of the best cities the north has to offer, and it is no surprise that it is brimming with great businesses, particularly small & independent within the travel, tourism & hospitality industry. All of these things make it the perfect choice for a day trip, or a longer UK getaway. I know that we will be writing about and featuring many more of these businesses in the future, but today, we are going to break down ten of our favourites.

So, without further ado, let’s begin…

Manor House Hotel, Alsager

Manor House Hotel & Spa – Alsager

Whilst this list is in no particular order, Manor House Hotel & Spa is a personal favourite. I first stayed here in February 2022, and we have been talking about returning ever since, and definitely will do this year! We had been very excited to visit Manor House, and our experience didn’t disappoint. The staff are friendly, everywhere is spacious and clean, the food and bar area is brilliantly presented, and the swimming pool & spa is a real highlight, with the perfect lounging area around the pool, ensuring total relaxation. It is a true hidden gem, and since we visited, I have keenly watched them go from strength to strength, and can’t wait to return!

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Rose & Crown – Knutsford

It is great when new businesses appear and thrive, and it is also great to see established businesses stand the test of time and become a staple in the communities which they are in. The Rose & Crown certainly fit the latter of this. Having been on Knutsford’s high street since 1647, if walls could talk, I am sure there would be many fascinating stories! This family run, independent business is said to have the best Sunday roast in Knutsford, and the rest of the menu is equally as impressive. Serving a wide variety of beers and allowing dogs, what more could you need after exploring the local area than The Rose & Crown. Cosy in the winter and glorious in the summer, this is somewhere you must visit when you are in Cheshire East, you will be warmly welcomed for sure. 

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Cherry Blossom Bakery – Macclesfield

Sometimes in life, you just need cake. Thankfully, Cherry Blossom Bakery in Macclesfield are on hand to take care of that. This gem of a bakery offers a wide selection of treats, Afternoon Tea (and Afternoon Tea delivery), Wedding Cakes, Celebration Cakes, Cake Decoration Classes, and more! But please note, they do not sell pie… ( – we absolutely love this review response to one awkward customer, all’s well that ends well, as they say!

Add this place to your list and get your sweet fix at this wonderful bakery on Church Street, Macclesfield, you deserve it!

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Linden Stores – Audlem, Crewe

The write up for Linden Stores is a slightly different one. A quick Google search of this business and you can’t help but notice the big red ‘permanently closed’ banner across their business information. Well, why are we doing a piece on somewhere that is now closed? This is because they will be back! The Audlem site was already their second version, and thankfully, on their Instagram they announced that Linden Stores 3.0 is in progress, with the promise it will still be in Cheshire! Phew! It is amazing to read of a UK business in this industry closing because they are scaling up and growing, and therefore the message for those interested in finding out for themselves what this great business is all about is, ‘watch this space’. 

We don’t know all of their plans for the new space, or when exactly it is arriving, but if it is anything like the Audlem store, which was a family-run neighbourhood spot in the beautiful village of Audlem, Cheshire, we are in for a treat. Their focus was seasonal British produce, well-priced and interesting wines, and beautiful plates of food. They served both lunch and dinner throughout the week, with local food, wines and hampers available in-store and online. We can’t wait to see what this great business does next, and you can track their progress by following them on Instagram, @lindenstores! 

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Project 53

Project 53 – Knutsford

Often, the best people to tell you why you should visit somewhere, is the place itself, and this is definitely the case for Project 53 in Knutsford – ‘Superb liquid, awesome food & great company. Expect good vibes & an easy atmosphere.’ Sounds good? We think so too. 

Project 53 is the perfect choice for a romantic cocktail, a few drinks with friends, or even a solo trip to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy a great tipple. But it is not just the drinks that make this bar a great place to visit, you can enjoy some seriously good pizza here, which is a real hit with customers. This bar is in a great location down one of Knutsford’s charming and full-of-character side streets, so, if you are in the search of a brilliant bar, in a fantastic location, Project 53 is the place for you.

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Wizards Thatch

Wizard’s Thatch – Alderley Edge 

Are you ready to be whisked away on a spellbinding journey? Then prepare to experience the allure of this whimsical retreat. The family run business in the popular Alderley Edge offer three suites, Camelot, Merlin & Wizadry. They are filled with sumptuous leather furniture, antique prints, each room with its own indulgent character, and each suite is serviced daily. The suites are self catering and this also enables you to go out and explore many of the amazing bars & restaurants Alderley Edge has to offer. Wizard’s Thatch is in a great location, and is a mainstay feature of the local area, dating back 400 years, getting its name from a local legend which refers to an encounter said to have taken place on this very road. But, we won’t spoil all the magic and will leave the rest of the mystery to be divulged by the enthusiastic owner, Ian, when you stay. For those seeking something different, whilst maintaining the comfort and luxury you want from a night or two away, Wizard’s Thatch is the one for you! 

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The Lambing Shed Farm Shop – Knutsford

It is no secret, we love a good farm shop, who doesn’t?!

The Lambing Shed in Knutsford, set in over 400 acres of Cheshire farmland, is everything a great farm shop should be. With the focus on bringing the best of local produce, from the farm, to your plate, here you can purchase freshly picked vegetables, succulent meats and artisanal cheeses throughout their cafe, butchery, delicatessen and shop. Everything here is testament to the region’s rich agricultural bounty. You will certainly feel spoiled for choice as you peruse the aisles of the Lambing Shed. Whether you are on the hunt for gourmet condiments, homemade preserves, freshly baked breads & pastries, or anything else, you will find all of this and more. Of course, to perfectly compliment the meals you will whip up after your visit, there is also a carefully curated selection of wines, craft beers and spirits, it would be rude not to!

The wonderful team are always on hand to offer recommendations and share their passions with those who visit, with a range of events and workshops also on offer. You don’t want to miss this gem, so be sure to add it to your list.

The Church Inn, Mobberly

The Church Inn – Mobberley

In the heart of Cheshire East’s picturesque countryside lies the Church Inn. A quintessential destination that effortlessly combines rustic charm, with contemporary style. As you approach this 18th century inn, you can see its charming exterior, with ivy clad walls and blooming flower beds, setting the stage for what awaits. Inside, every nook and cranny tells its own story of years gone by. This article is celebrating everything Cheshire East, and this local pride is mirrored by the Church’s menu. They work with seasonal ingredients as much as possible and source food from Local Artisan bakers, Farmers, Butchers, Cheesemakers, also, all seafood is delivered on a daily basis. On top of this, ales are from within a 15 mile boundary, aside from one pump dedicated to craft ales from further away. With private dining, intimate weddings and gin & wine tasting also available, there are many strings to the Church Inn’s bow, and many reasons to stop by and say hello! 

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National Trust – Quarry Bank – Styal, Wilmslow

In the heart of Cheshire East, a hidden gem awaits. National Trust – Quarry Bank is a must for history enthusiasts and culture seekers alike, in search of a great day out whilst in this part of the UK. Quarry Bank is not just a museum, it is a living testament to the rich industrial heritage of Cheshire. Set against a stunning backdrop of deep woodlands, this meticulously preserved site allows visitors to experience what life was like during the rise of the cotton industry. From the working machinery and the historic buildings to the engaging demonstrations, every aspect of Quarry Bank breathes life into the past. 

The charm of this site is that on top of the engaging exhibitions on offer, you can also enjoy the pretty woodland and unspoilt village of Styal where Quarry Bank is located. This is a full day out, with something to interest everyone, as they frequently have interactive things to do for the little ones, to ensure no one gets bored!

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Woore Fruit Farm – Crewe

Whether it is strawberry picking in the sun or pumpkin picking on a frosty October day, Woore Fruit Farm is another great choice for anyone seeking a lovely day out, experiencing farm fresh goodness. 

At Woore Fruit Farm you can immerse yourself in the experience of fruit picking. It is a great activity for both kids and adults and allows you to connect with nature and savour the flavour of the seasons. They have a wide option of fruit to pick, and I have heard the ice cream is a must try! Later in the year, spooky season takes over the farm, with fun decorations, plenty of pumpkins to pick from and warming hot chocolate. It is usually open May-October and is a brilliant option for a fun day out that doesn’t break the bank. Get yourself down to Woore Farm, gain a deeper appreciation for the intricacies of fruit farming, and support a wonderful local business! What’s not to love!

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