The first wave of tickets for Harry’s Home Village Tour have been released for sale today Thursday 30 May with just 1,000 tickets up for grabs!

Organised by voluntary group Holmes Chapel Partnership, Harry’s Home Village Tours is a pilgrimage experience that takes fans on a country walk through the picturesque landscapes of Holmes Chapel, where Harry Styles spent his formative years. From the bakery where he worked to the local haunts that inspired his music, the tour offers an ultimate glimpse into the world of this global icon.

Running on Saturday mornings from June 8 and weekdays from July-September, Harry’s Home Village Tour will last around 2.5-3hrs and include safe walking routes through Holmes Chapel.   Tickets are priced at £20 per person with a maximum of 16 people per Tour.  Here’s what’s included:

The Experience:

Harry’s Home Village Tour is more than just a walk; it’s an intimate glimpse into the world of Harry Styles and a beautiful Cheshire village. From the quaint bakery where he worked to the local haunts that inspired his music, this tour promises a magical journey through the heart of Holmes Chapel.

Discover the hidden gems, stories, and inspirations that shaped Harry’s creative spirit. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply curious, this tour offers something special for everyone.

Safe Walking Routes:

Your safety is our priority. Harry’s Home Village Tour provides an enjoyable stroll through Holmes Chapel led by our expert Tour Guides. Enjoy the fresh air, scenic paths, and the feeling of being part of Harry’s world.

Whether you’re sauntering alongside the River Dane, wandering through charming streets or exploring local retailers, rest assured we’ve designed enjoyable routes for all.

Exclusive Offers and Gifts:

As a tour participant, you’ll receive a unique Harry’s Home Village Tour map. This map isn’t just for navigation; it’s your passport to exclusive offers at Holmes Chapel retailers and venues this summer.

Slate Harry hearts.  Leave your mark in Holmes Chapel by inscribing a message on a free slate heart you can leave at Twemlow Viaduct or take home with you. It’s our way of saying thank you for respecting our village and the Grade II listed heritage of Twemlow Viaduct. (One free slate heart per Tour participant).

Official merchandise for Harry’s Home Village Tours is available exclusively through Holmes Chapel retailer Sam Dale and Son, your first stop on the Tour.  Don’t miss out on this limited-edition collection which can be purchased instore or online here.

Tickets for Harry’s Home Village Tour can be purchased here. 


Harry's Home Village Guided Tours
Guided Tour
Harry's Home Village Guided Tours, Holmes Chapel

Take a guided tour through Holmes Chapel to learn about the history of the village where Harry Styles grew up.



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