Ratty, Mole, Badger and Mr Toad will lead little ones on an enchanting walkabout production of The Wind in the Willows this summer (until 20 August). Youngsters aged 5 and under (and their families) should head for Chester’s Grosvenor Park to pick up the animal friends’ trail for this theatrical adventure. Find out more about Wind in the Willows at Storyhouse here.

Wind in the Willows

Hands up who wants to go to The Ice Cream Farm’s school’s out party (21 July)? Though little ones will still have to exercise their brainpower to figure out how to free themselves from the brand new Escape Room opening at the farm this month. Find out more about the Ice Cream Farm here. 

The party invitations keep on coming. This one is from the Grubbles, who are visiting BeWILDerwood this summer (1 July-5 September). Never heard before, the BeWILDermuddle story will be told for the first time, plus there’s Soopa Scale face painting, Crocklebog crowns to make, and a Puzzling Park Trail to follow. Find out more about BeWILDerwood here.

BeWILDerwood performance_credit Will Epps

Next stop Crewe Heritage Centre, the ultimate destination for train enthusiasts this summer for ‘Forging History’ (1 July-10 September), the anniversary exhibition celebrating 180 years of the town’s Railway Engineering Works. Among experiences on offer is the chance to design a loco in the Drawing Office and, of course, drive a train. Find out more about Crewe Heritage Centre here.

The curtain is about to go up on the Chester Mystery Plays (28 June-15 July), which return on their five-year cycle, starring the people of Chester under professional direction. An audience from across the world will gather to see this historic spectacle in the nave of Chester's mighty medieval Cathedral. Find out more about the Chester Mystery Plays here.

Chester Mystery Plays

No need to pack a costume to dive into Planet Shark: Predator or Prey. The essential role of the much-maligned species is told through underwater projections of sharks in motion, life-size models, and collections of teeth, jaws and rare fossilised remains. Find out more about Planet Shark at Chester Zoo here.

Planet Shark

It’s 100 years since Cicely Mary Barker published her first Flower Fairies book. To celebrate, the enchanting illustrations have gone on display at the Lady Lever Art Gallery in Port Sunlight (until 5 November). Some 45 original illustrations can be seen, along with digital projections and fairy-inspired costumes designed by Vin Burnham. Find out more about the Flower Fairies exhibition at the Lady Lever Art Gallery here.

Silver Birch Fairy and Vin Burnham costume

Youngsters can foil a mysterious society of time travellers intent on locking Chester in a pocket in time by hunting for a secret password on the Time Travelling Treasure Hunt along Chester's famous Rows. (Meanwhile, older visitors can tune in to the free Discover The Rows self-guided audio tour to delve into the history of these extraordinary buildings.) Find out more about the Time Travelling Treasure Hunt here.

The Rows Time Travelling Treasure Hunt

Play, Everyday at Dunham Massey (22 July-10 September). That’s the name of this summer’s daily programme of activities and happenings taking place at the historic country house during the school holidays. Find out more about Dunham Massey here.

Dunham Massey's Log Pile_ Credit National Trust Images and Annapurna Mellor


The Wind in the Willows
Participatory Event
The Wind in the Willows

Join us outdoors this summer for a new and enchanting walkabout theatre production of The Wind in the Willows for little ones aged 5 and under.

The Art Deco exterior of Storyhouse

​​​​​​​Storyhouse is Chester’s multi award-winning £37m theatre, library, restaurant and cinema.

The Ice Cream Farm
The Ice Cream Farm, Cheshire

Set in the picturesque Cheshire countryside between Beeston and Peckforton Castles, The Ice Cream Farm is the tastiest trip you will ever take, enticing hundreds and thousands of visitors every year!

Adventure Park / Playground

BeWILDerwood Cheshire is a huge outdoor adventure park for ALL the family to enjoy together. Make memories, use your imagination, be active and run WILD in the enchanted 70-acre woodland.

Crewe Heritage Centre
Heritage / Visitor Centre
Crewe Heritage Centre

A celebration of Crewe's rail heritage, includes model and miniature railways.

Chester Mystery Plays
Chester Mystery Plays

Once every five years, the people of Chester create a completely new production of the greatest story ever told.

Planet Shark: Predator or Prey at Chester Zoo
Planet Shark: Predator or Prey at Chester Zoo

Sink your teeth into an amazing 'out of water' shark experience at Chester Zoo!

Chester Zoo
Animal Collection
Lemur, Chester Zoo

A visit to Cheshire isn’t complete without a trip to the UK’s number one zoo. Chester Zoo is home to over 27,000 endangered and exotic animals based in beautiful, award-winning zoological gardens.

Flower Fairies™
Flower Fairies™

Joint celebrations as gallery marks 100 years of Cicely Mary Barker’s Flower Fairies™ in its centenary year, from 15 Apr to 5 Nov

Lady Lever Art Gallery
Lady Lever Art Gallery by Fotografy

Situated in the picturesque village of Port Sunlight, Wirral, the Lady Lever Art Gallery is regarded as one of the finest art galleries in Europe.

The Rows Time Travelling Treasure Hunt
Walking Tour
The Rows Time Travelling Treasure Hunt

Chester is under threat from the Time Watchers, a mysterious society of time travellers who hide in pockets of time.

Discover the Rows
Walking Route
The walkway and stallboards on Eastgate Street Row South

Join our circular journey through an urban landscape that is unique in the world.

Dunham Massey (NT)
National Trust
Dunham Massey (NT)

A garden with year-round seasonal highlights, an ancient deer park with free-roaming fallow deer and a Georgian house filled with treasures and stories.



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