Fancy trying something different? To keep the boredom at bay we have put together 12 of the best unique family experiences in Chester and Cheshire for you and your family to try.

Art Clubs at Pictura, Chester

Join Pictura in Chester for their Diddi da Vinci's art school, art classes for 6 months to 5 year olds. These structured fun art and developmental classes for children will help you and your little ones create art and memories whilst building on their key developmental learning. There are also a wide range of classes and courses for 6 to 13 year olds including Anime Art Club, clay workshops, gamers art workshops, learn to paint, and more. 

Junior Owl Experience - Cheshire Falconry

Barn Owl
Designed specifically for juniors aged 4 to 12 this session enables children to get hands-on, have fun, and fly an owl. There is something magical about witnessing the delight on the face of a child as they interact with any animal but particularly something as enigmatic as an owl. The Junior Owl Experience at Cheshire Falconry utilises the calmest and most tolerant birds of prey in the collection to give children the experience of a lifetime as they fly an owl for the first time. The predicted duration of the session is 1/2 an hour and is £35. What an experience!

Treetop Challenge - Chester Zoo

TreeTop Adventure at Chester Zoo

Take your mini monkeys along to Chester Zoo for a BIG treetop adventure on their adventure course, the biggest of its kind in the UK. Get them strapped in and guide them around as they leap, climb, and laugh their way through the many fun obstacles along the course. It's also the first course in the UK to include two mini zip lines, so get ready to watch your little ones wizzzz by.

Small Spies Training - Hack Green

Small Spies at Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker
Follow the Soviet Spy mouse trail at Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker and help to rid them of the terrible spy mice and their leader, Big 'R' Rusky the spy rat. Grab your small spies training manual and pick up your secret orders on the way into the bunker, hand them back when you leave and you’ll receive a Secret Agent Certificate. Find them all and you will be rewarded for all your hard work! 

Go Quest Adventure

Conquer the Chester Quest! This activity is a great way to explore Chester’s past, as you re-enact historical moments, listen to a ghost story or two, and solve puzzles to work your way around the city and ultimately complete your quest.  

Chester's Animal Trail

We’ve all heard of Chester’s famous zoo but did you know there’s lots of wildlife to be found around the city centre. Pick up a trail map from the Visitor Centre and follow the clues to discover the different animals hiding in the city. The trail takes you all over the city and is a great way to discover Chester and keep the little ones entertained.  

Boulder Zoo - Boulder Hut

Boulder Hut, Ellesmere Port
Boulder Hut is an indoor climbing centre in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire. Bouldering is a shorter, sharper variation of rock climbing, done without ropes, over lower heights & matting. Specially designed for little ones (aged 2 to 10 years), the Boulder Zoo provides a safe and intriguing play space with awesome flower murals, extra thick matting, and specially designed Bouldering challenges for kids to explore, improve their balance and confidence and burn off some energy!

Junior Shark Dive

Junior Shark Dive at Blue Planet Aquarium
Only for the brave! Blue Planet Aquarium offers a truly unique junior shark dive experience, allowing young people to get up close to some amazing sharks. They will get to dive in the reef section of the Caribbean Reef exhibit, mingle with Blacktip Reef sharks, large stingrays, Zebra sharks, and a variety of tropical fish. For children aged 8 to 15 with a minimum height requirement of 125cm (4ft 2").

Family Kayaking

Family kayaking on the Dee

Experience the great outdoors with these unique and individual sessions designed just for your family. For those seeking a little more adventure why not try the adrenaline-filled, white-water sessions down the Dee? If you’d prefer something a little calmer go for a gentle tour of Chester along the river. Whether you’re experienced on the water or trying something new, our supportive instructors will be with you all the way ensuring you have the best experience.  

Deva Roman Experience

Deva Roman experience actors

Travel back in time to experience life in the Roman Empire. For an immersive experience of life in the Deva Victrix fortress explore the Roman baths, street markets, and entertainment in the amphitheatre. With the help of our talented actors, state-of-the-art projection mapping, special effects, and real archaeological artifacts allow yourself to embrace the Roman way of life. 

Cathedral at Height

See Chester from new heights! Ascend 125 feet up the Cathedral’s tower to admire breathtaking views of the city, catch glimpses of North Wales in the distance, and witness the Cathedral from a whole new perspective. Tours take place Monday – Saturday at various times, don’t miss this opportunity to experience the cathedral at height.

A visit to Sick To Death

Sick to Death, Chester
Last by no means least and not for the faint-hearted, a visit to Sick to Death, Chester. Where you can explore the gory story of medicine through time. Come and learn and laugh in a gross but family-fun attraction. Offering a playground of plague with a smatter of splatter and a chance to poke into the medical past in a fun, interactive way, Sick to Death is a must-visit and a unique learning experience for all the family.


Pictura Studios
Arts & Crafts Shop
Pictura Studios

Tucked away on Eastgate Row, in the heart of Chester City centre is Pictura Studios, a place that offers Art for everyone! Inside Pictura Studios you will find a Creative Cafe, Art School, our very own art gallery and an art shop.

Cheshire Falconry
Animal Collection
Enjoy a Meet the Birds experience at Cheshire Falconry

An internationally reknowned centre: A visitor attraction for people interested in birds of prey with an excellent aviary complex and flying demonstrations throughout the summer.

Chester Zoo
Animal Collection
Lemur, Chester Zoo

A visit to Cheshire isn’t complete without a trip to the UK’s number one zoo. Chester Zoo is home to over 27,000 endangered and exotic animals based in beautiful, award-winning zoological gardens.

Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker
Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker

Discover the secret underground world of government. How would you survive a nuclear attack?

Boulder Hut
Strawberry Fountain at Boulder Hut

Boulder Hut is an indoor climbing centre that opened its doors in July 2018 in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire. Bouldering is a shorter, sharper variation of rock climbing, done without ropes, over lower heights & matting.

Blue Planet Aquarium
Blue Planet Aquarium

Get up close to Awesome Sharks at Blue Planet Aquarium and see real scuba divers in our daily feed shows in the Aquatheatre.

Sick to Death
Exhibition at Sick to Death

Explore the gory story of medicine through time. Learn and laugh in a gross but family fun attraction.

Chester Cathedral
Cathedral / Minister
Chester Cathedral

Chester Cathedral is many things to many people: a vibrant community of worship, an ancient abbey, an archaeological treasure, a cultural hub, a centre of musical excellence, a unique blend of modern and medieval history.

Deva Roman Experience
Deva Roman Experience

The DEVA Roman Experience will take you on a voyage back through time 2000 years ago to Roman Britannia where the fortress of DEVA Victrix is welcoming visitors from far and wide.

Go Quest Adventures
Walking Tour
Go Quest Adventures, Chester

Go Quest Adventures is turning the streets of Chester into an Adventure Playground!



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